DF sale ended successfully

DF Darkforce.io is building blockchain applications for Data Automation.
DF token will be listed on IXX.COM Exchange

10.000.000 DF For sale!

Details of Token Sale

Our goal is to create AI-driven value discovery network tools for enterprise "useless" data, or "dark data" for short, and create an AI assistant to serve individuals, rewarding every data contributor of the network and exploring greater value. After the completion of the construction, DF tokens will be issued for network value pass. The hard cover is fixed at 10.00 ETH.
  • Token Distribution
  • Reward Pool: 80,000,000 DF
  • Early Investors: 5,000,000 DF
  • Early Adopters: 2,000,000 DF
  • Launch Partners: 2,000,000 DF
  • DF Team: 2,000,000 DF
  • Marketing & Development: 100,000 DF
  • Budget Allocation
  • Product Development: 45%
  • Administration: 12%
  • Marketing : 28%
  • 3rd Party Services: 10%
  • Contingency: 5%

A fair data economy for all participants

DF Construction Q3 2019

Building Block Chain Bottom Network Combined with AI.

DF application layer Q3 2020

Developing the application of DF reward system.

DF AI Assistant Q3 2020

Data Precipitation and AI Training.

DF Future Value Q2 2021

Dark Data Value Release to the Maximum, and Focus on Training Development with AI.

Listing Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What do DF tokens represent?

DFs are utility tokens that work on DF platform apps. They are not securities and there is no suggestion or guarantee that DF tokens has or will hold a particular value. DFs give no rights in the company.

Is there a cap / limit on token sale?

We are targeting to sell a cap of 15 million DF tokens for the sale. Minimum investment amount is 0.1 ETH and maximum investment amount is limited to 100 ETH.

Do you plan a pre-sale before the trade?

Private sale hard cap is reached and 1.000.000 DF sold.

What currencies are accepted in the Pre-sale?


What is the price of DF token in the Pre-sale period?

1 ETH = 1700 DF

Are DF tokens transferable?

Sale tokens are immediately transferable.

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